After many years of Arabidopsis, salt(y tears), proteins and PCRs, last week I graduated from my Ph. D!!


I didn’t think I would be so emotional about it. I wasn’t too miffed that I would have to graduate in absentia – I thought being on the other side of the world was a fair excuse – but when I got a picture of my name in the little booklet and saw the beautiful photos of my friends also graduating*, I was a little bit devastated.

(*high five to my Grad Buddies, Luke and Simone!)

But I quietly mentioned in passing to a friend at work that I had graduated… And the amazing, wonderful people that I work with threw me a surprise graduation party!

After faking me out with a pretend-meeting with HR to block out my calendar (I thought I had broken a rule and was in trouble!), the whole GIFS crew turned out to celebrate with me.

I got a bit teary as I slowly realised what was happening…





And we drank secret champagne and had merry times!

To the wonderful people who made this happen (you know who you are!), I am so very grateful for your efforts and your thoughtfulness. And to everyone who came and celebrated, who drank bubbly and wrote gorgeous things in my card and contributed to the lovely gift you all gave me, thank you so much – I’m so lucky to have met you all and to call you my colleagues, friends and Canada-family. My Canmily!! Ha!!

Since I didn’t get here alone – and since only a handful of people will ever read my thesis – and since I have this platform to speak from, and no one to tell me when to shut up – I’d also like to take a second to thank all the amazing people who helped me get through my PhD. If you want to read about them (and you do, really you do), I’ve left a little note for them here.

And if you want to read the whole story of my Ph. D, I’ve conveniently summarised it in thesis form.

All photos courtesy of the terrific Kendra – check her out at Kendra Wack Photography.


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