Saskatoon Foodie

I love good food, especially when other people make it. I’ve found the Saskatoon restaurant scene particularly interesting – North American food culture is so different to Melbourne, and the range of dining options available here is perhaps surprising given the town’s isolation and size. It’s taken us a while, but we’ve spent the last year checking out most of the local eateries¬† By no means exhaustive, here’s my shortlist for the visiting foodie.

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One year in Saskatoon, SK

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As spring slowly moves across Saskatchewan and the snow drifts turn to monstrous puddles, spring marks a whole year that we’ve been here in Saskatoon. A year! We’ve settled in, explored, built routines and found our feet. We’ve made new friends, and missed old ones. And I’ve fallen in love with this town; its people, its bridges, and its huge, living sky.

Three months into our journey, I wrote a post about all the little things I was missing from home. Now, all these months on, I want to do the opposite – to celebrate the things I love about Canada, about Saskatoon, and about the piece of life we’ve carved out here.

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