I love good food, especially when other people make it. I’ve found the Saskatoon restaurant scene particularly interesting – North American food culture is so different to Melbourne, and the range of dining options available here is perhaps surprising given the town’s isolation and size. It’s taken us a while, but we’ve spent the last year checking out most of the local eateries  By no means exhaustive, here’s my shortlist for the visiting foodie.

IMG_20170407_171426For pub fare, try The Hose and Hydrant: visit on a Thursday for half-priced wings, but go before you’re really hungry to give yourself plenty of time to pick your sauce from their extensive list, from regulars like Buffalo and Salt-and-Pepper, to Hot Chilli Lime, Mexicano and Caribbean Jerk. I like the Fiery BBQ, but Bren usually goes for the Suicide (probably because they’re too hot for me to steal any). Around the corner at The Yard and Flagon, try the elk burger and their great selection of local, handcrafted beers. Excellent onion rings, too. If you’ve got a few dollars to spend on something a bit fancy, get a perfect sirloin steak at Moxie’s or indulge in all the deliciousness of Ayden (I’m still dreaming about the pork belly appetiser). And for your vegan, gluten-free, kale-chip needs, try Nosh on Broadway -despite my friendly teasing, the food is amazing, the service is excellent, and the wine is Australian… so my verdict is overwhelmingly positive. But lease please please, get a proper coffee machine.FB_IMG_1492279542176

I’ll admit, I still deeply miss Melbourne-style brunch, where the food is gourmet, the coffee is roasted in-house and the vibe is hipster af. Saskatoon does breakfast a little differently. If you’re after fully customisable eggs, bacon and hash browns, or a stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes with syrup on the table next to the salt and pepper, diner-style places like Broadway cafe or Grainfields are perfect. I do love the concept of bottomless filter coffee at a bargain price. On the other hand, if you IMG_hollowsfancy your baristas bearded and your waitresses tattooed, check out places like Poached, Drift and The Hollows (not suitable for your hipster-averse husband, who is liable to roll his eyes when he orders a Pepsi and instead gets some kind of organic cola).

2016-09-22 08.10.43

Finally, for a quiet coffee and a cinnamon bun to sticky-up your fingers and your heart, it’s a three-way-tie between Museo, Collective Coffee, and Il Secondo. All three offer delicious espresso coffee (complete with latte art), free, fast WiFi, and lovely staff fostering a lovely atmosphere. Collectively I spend far too much time in these cafes. In fact, I’m sitting in one right now (thanks Marj, buns are especially goey today!!)

Got a favourite food spot in Saskatoon? Leave me your tips in the comments below!

Best, Jx



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